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You now can buy some of my work here at SEARS.COM and also at WALMART.COM ! :D Click the orange links to visit websites!

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I'm always updating things here with fresh, new art and products from my latest works so Stop by often and check out the official destination for artificial glass pieces


Created to inspire.

"Full of brilliant color, glowing like a fire, full of revelation, and created to inspire." -Clay Crosse

The Art of Mandie Manzano is well known throughout the world at an instant. Known for its unique use of light and color, Mandie paints her images to emulate the vibrancy and glow of a stained-glass window. With over 300 paintings in her portfolio, she stays constantly busy creating her artificial glass paintings and putting smiles on the faces of all who enjoy her glowing work.

You can find more information and follow her work on her fan page here.  FACEBOOK.COM/MANDIEMANZANO

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Mandie Manzano




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   Visual artist  +  ProFESSIONAL high-fiver  +  avid mango lover

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"Lady Cubana"

Featured at the Miami Art Expo 2015 in the Nina Torres Fine Arts Gallery